The Dominatrix invites you to step into a space where you are in charge, where you easily call the shots and command the fees that reflect the transformation you create for your clients. Doing this in a way that is clients centred and fun for you and your body. Join me, if you dare! 

Those in the helping professions such as hypnotherapists are infamous for undercharging, focusing on amazing transformations while not running the practice as a business and ensuring that it is profitable along while serving clients.The Dominatrix as an archetype offers valuable skills for any business owner to stand firmly while remaining client focused. To bring in the authentic confidence, unapologetic pride in your work, being able to easily tell the world what you do and why it is what they need now. 
These skills allow you to fill up your schedule, be seen by media, fire clients who drain you and more, without becoming arrogant or pushy. 

Dana Pharant 
Master Healer & Life Strategist
T: 705-790-1156

Join Dana Pharant at the CHC for what is sure to be an unforgettable experience as she brings you the skills and energy of how to step into your Inner Dominatrix. Actionable steps, entertaining stories, and inspiration that will stay with you long after the conference.
Miscellaneous Track

Sunday 9:40 AM

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