Dr. Jaime Feldman is the Director of The Institute of Hypnotherapy in New Jersey, a Board Certified School where Basic and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy programs are taught.

As a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Jaime Feldman has been one of the pioneers in an advanced technique of Hypnotherapy called Parts Therapy. 

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2-Day Workshop : 9 AM – 5 PM Saturday + Sunday
“Parts Therapy” 

Utilizing this technique, Dr. Feldman has been able to unlock the subconscious and remove behaviours of a psychological nature, which have also been found to manifest physical unwanted behaviors. Dr. Feldman had had outstanding success in curing phobias and deep seated trauma, as well as treating the Immune System to cure cancer.

How is this ‘Revolutionary’ technique called Parts Therapy so powerful? We are made up of many personalities, aspects or parts. Through these ‘parts’ we can uncover the causes of problems.

Our subconscious is protective, and through this mechanism the subconscious sets up specific ‘parts’ to deal with trauma or special needs the individual may require. It is the nature of the mind to be subdivided into an indeterminate number of sub-personalities or ‘parts.’ The intention of each ‘part’ is positive or protective for the individual. There are no ‘bad’ parts and the goal of Parts Therapy is not to eliminate ‘parts,’ but instead to help find positive roles or behaviours also called jobs.