Yvonne Oswald PhD, award winning, best-selling author of “Every Word has Power,” now in ten languages, is at the leading edge of the new development field of Human Behavioral Technology. A council member of the Chamber of Chartered Behavioral Scientists International, Sri Lanka, Dr Yvonne was voted 2010 Woman of Influence and Inspiration by the Government of Ontario. She is a renowned and respected International Keynote Speaker and Communications Trainer, and a Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis.

Her U.S. National Awards include the Most Unique Contribution to the Field of Clinical Hypnosis (2012) for her work with changing self-talk. She has an outstanding reputation for her exciting, innovative, fun and interactive seminars. A British born, qualified teacher with 20+ years’ experience, Yvonne helps every audience (live, radio/television) clear issues and quantum leap their personal growth and life choices, and her eTV show, The Doctor Yvonne Show, is now available worldwide. Her bestselling book was published by Atria/Beyond Words, who brought you The Secret.


Saturday 2:30 – 4 PM
“How to Read Auras”
Rev. Tim Jones’ Track