Trained and Certified in:

TFT – Callanhan Techniques – Thought Field Therapy
Psych-K – www.psych-k.com
Shadow Energetics and Holoenergetics – http://health-quest.ca
Matrix Energetics – www.matrixenergetics.com
Reconnective Healing – http://www.thereconnection.com

A Message from Fern

I feel very blessed and privileged to have Thought Field Therapy as a primary technique in my health practice.  I have witnessed miracles with my clients working with them in person and over the telephone or skype while addressing a wide range of problems chronic and acute, physically, mentally and emotionally..

We are energy beings and once we transform the blocks which prevent us from experiencing our true nature then healing at all levels is able to occur.

I have been a holistic health practitioner since 1999 and I incorporate the following technologies in my practice to help identify excesses, deficiencies, imbalances and resistance and to track the progress in the human energy system after the application of various healing protocols:

  • Bio-Well otherwise known as Gas Discharge Visualization or Electrophotonic Imaging Device – Dr. Konstantin Korotkov – www.bio-well.com
  • HRV – Heart Rate Variability
  • Discovery – Meridian Bio-Feedback Technology – Dr. David Pollen
  • Expert Muscle Testing

In 2012 I was introduced to an amazing self-healing methodology called Source Energy Medicine which is a simple, safe, effective, free and universally available label technology that only requires clean water and a clear container and specially designed charging remedy labels. To learn more about this go to www.sourceenergymedicine.com or contact me for a specific remedy protocol.

Other energy technologies I practice include:

B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchorinization Technique)
Roger and Joanne Callahan – Thought Field Therapy
Stephen Pollitt – Source Energy Medicine
Dr. Masuro Emoto – Messages in Water
Darryl Gurney – Psych-k, Holoenergetics, Shadow Energetics
Dr. Milton T. Morter Jr. – B.E.S.T. Bioenergetic Syncronization Technique
Kevin Trudeau and my GIN friends – Your Wish is Your Command
Richard Bartlett – Matrix Energetics
Eric Pearl – Reconnective Healing