2 Day Full Immersion & Healing Retreat
With Elizabeth Rose + Krista Moore
Elizabeth Rose
Krista Moore




Join Elizabeth Rose & Krista Moore for two days of Full Immersion & Angelic At-Tune-ments. In these two days you will experience “Full Immersion into Spirit”, Angelic At-Tune-ment and also the CCMBA/CCSMC workshop. All of this immersion and healing will be held at a tranquil horse farm just south of Toronto in the small but quaint town of Brantford. Can you imagine being in trance with sun shining on your face, wind gently blowing amongst the trees, feeling the grass under you & breathing clean crisp country air. All while healing your body, mind and soul levels?

WHEN: Sat. July 14 – Sun. July 15 , 2018
WHERE: 487 Lynden Road, Brantford, ON
COST:  $350.00 + HST


*  Rain or shine event *

Hotel available five minutes from the farm at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Brantford. Click here for website and booking information




Certificate and NGH CE Credits 
Learn by doing! Use group hypnosis to explore consciousness. This is an opportunity to explore your own consciousness, access higher guidance, heightened awareness, and use altered states to discover the non-physical. With Elizabeth’s Full Immersion Intensive, anything is possible!

Elizabeth Rose is an Author, Speaker, NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Master Clinical Hypnotist, Certified Healing Arts Facilitator, and Dream Interpretation Instructor at therosecottage.ca. She is completing a second book on Past Life Regression, while teaching, and working with clients around the world.

Feel the peace and tranquility of Being in the Light of the Angelic Realm
Receive and share powerful Healing energies to heal your mind, body, soul
Raise your consciousness and vibration with Angelic sounds, tones and songs
Get inspired to Heal, Dream and Grow on the path to a more Miraculous life!

Krista Moore, Actress, Channel, Healer, Hypnotist, Singer, Author…
Krista has had quite a remarkable journey of transformation, from the corporate world to the creative, and now to the spiritual. She is a Certified Metaphysical Hypnotist (CH), Certified Spiritual Director (SDI) and Yoga Teacher (RYT200). She Channels the Angelic Realm for individuals and groups worldwide, and for guests on her weekly BlogTalk Radio show, Channel of Light.