Hena specializes in tree drawing analysis and energy medicine. She is an author and inspirational speaker who has been interviewed on television, the radio and has also been in the newspaper. She is a multi- disciplinary therapist with certifications in NLP, TLT, EFT, Reiki, medical hypnosis, and energy medicine. She is the founder and director of Balance For Life, a network of human development with offices located in Sterling Heights Michigan and Farmington Michigan. 

Career Credentials :
International Hypnosis Federation
American Board of Hypnotherapy
Founder of Michigan Association of Counselors and Hypnotherapists
International Association of Counselors & Therapists
International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
Secretary of Pakistani Women’s Association
Yoga Alliance International
Toastmasters International



Metaphysical Track : 9 – 9:50 AM
“How to Connect your Spirit Through Tree Drawing “

This program will teach you to connect to your subconscious mind through tree drawing. Your clients inner true self will be revealed by using such things as color, size, height, width and location of the tree. One can also use tree drawing in their practice to build trust and rapport, and achieve a higher rate of success in your sessions.

Participants will be able to :
• Learn if your client is open to change or not
• Does your client have self-esteem issues
• Do they live in the past or the future
• If they had any trauma and at what age
• How stressed they are