Jenn Wood is a Confidence Coach and Energy Healer and specializes in creating confidence and healing matters of the heart. Using the tools of Access Consciousness, EFT tapping, Ho’oponopono, One Command Meditation combined with her unique approach to coaching, Jenn works with care and compassion to help lead her clients from being stuck in the story of their struggles, to singing their song in honour of their being!!

Access Bars and Body practitioner
Certified Level 2 Reiki practitioner
EFT practitioner
One Command Circle Leader
Certified Life Coach Practitioner

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Sunday 11 – Noon  Metaphysical Track
Open Your Heart With EFT

Heartache and sorrow can weigh so heavily on both our physical AND our emotional bodies. Carrying emotional heartache not only reaks havoc on our emotionl wellbeing, but by harbouring anger and negatvie emotions we can actually begin to create an imbalance or dis-ease in or physical bodies as well.

When we are able to release our emotions around these past experiences we are actually clearing the energetic trauma associated with painful past memories which allows for more love, joy and even abundance.

The goal of this presentation is to help individuals release past heartache and let go of old thought patterns that are keeping them stuck. Using the tools of Access Consciousnes, EFT and my unique meditation strategy we can not only heal your heart, but give you the courage and strength you have been longing for.

Through this workshop you will learn tools and techniques that will not only contribute to healing your heart, but that you can apply to any and all areas of your life where you are struggling. You will receive a PDF workbook complete with all the tapping scripts and verbal clearing processes and will have simple, yet valuable tools that you can apply daily to create more ease and joy in your life.