Rev. Dr. Judith Gilchrist, RN, PhD,  has extensive management experience working as Administrator of Retirement and Long Term Care Homes. As a Registered Nurse she has worked in the various areas, including Emergency, Long Term Care and Hospice-Palliative End of Life Care. As Health Coach Judith has supported private clients to meet their wellness goals with an holistic and complementary approach. Judith has experience working as an independent Joint Venture Specialist with an online market focus.

Certificate in Adult Education
Minister and Doctoral Degree with University of Sedona
Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Yoga Teacher
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Registered Nurse

Saturday 3:15 – 4:05 PM Ministry Track
“Communication at End-of-Life”

Exploring how personal values, beliefs, and experiences can inform your thoughts, attitudes and practices in your Ministry with Palliative Care clients. An opportunity to reflect on your approach in Palliative/End-of-Life Care, and how you personally influence the experience of communication.

“What is unique about your presentation? ”
My direct experience working in the Palliative Care environment and the importance of keeping abreast of changes in the approach to End-of-Life care and how it affects Ministry.