Krista Moore: Teacher, Channel, Healer, Hypnotist, Actress, Author… Krista has had quite a unique journey of transformation, from the academic to the corporate world, the creative to the spiritual… She holds an Hon. B.A. from the University of Toronto, is a Certified Metaphysical Hypnotist (CH), Certified Spiritual Director (SDI), Professionally trained actress (ACTRA) and most recently, Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). She helps individuals and groups worldwide, and on her weekly Podcast, Channel of Light.

When she isn’t climbing Machu Picchu on spiritual retreat or driving kids to and fro… she enjoys teaching, guiding and channeling the Angelic realm to help you heal your heart and soul, and transform your life so you too can become a miraculous being of Light!

Career Credentials:
Hon. B.A., University of Toronto (English Specialist)
NGH-Certified Metaphysical Hypnotist (CH)
Certified Spiritual Director (SDI)
Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200, Yoga Alliance)
Certified Angelologist (Dr. Doreen Virtue)
Certified CCMBA/CCSMC Hands on Healing from Dr. Sharon Forrest, Ontario Hypnosis Centre
Full Immersion Into Spirit Intensive (over 300 hours), with Elizabeth Rose (CI), The Rose Cottage
Member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI)
Member of Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA Toronto)

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Sunday 1:05 – 2:00 PM : Metaphysical Track

By sheer will and force, we cannot manifest miracles in the world, let alone meet our earthly goals. It takes MORE. What does it take?… First we must heal our hearts and souls; get aligned with a greater purpose; and start using the tools we’ve been given (like metaphysical hypnosis, sound, vibration) to activate our Heavenly state and participate! First God works a miracle in you; then you can work miracles in the world!

All this and more! for you in store at this year’s CHC… with Angelic At-tune-ment expert Channel, Hypnotist, Healer, Author and Teacher, Krista Moore.

To begin the process of healing your heart and soul through channeled healing & hypnosis.
To learn ways to transform your life from the inside out through powerful metaphysical tools.
To get inspired with the possibility that you too can live a miraculous life!

“What makes this presentation unique?”
This presentation is mostly channeled from the Angelic/Heavenly realms, and therefore contains wisdom, knowledge, insight and experiences that are beyond this world!