1:30 PM Saturday 
“Drawing Your Guide” 

We all have Spirit Guides, Angels and Teachers with us. They are among us in spirit to serve as helpers, teachers and healers, to name a few of their abilities, guiding us on our spiritual path. You can call on them at any time for guidance and help. You can call on them for a Spirit Guide Portrait and that is what will be demonstrated.

It is nice to have a picture of the guide that is working with you. Once you have this portrait it is an opportunity to focus on them, make a connection during meditation and intuitively understand what they are impressing on you.

Everyone is capable of drawing their Spirit Guide. I believe that the one that is most needed at the time comes forward. It doesn’t matter what level of skill you have. What matters is that you have fun and draw what it is you see, hear, sense, feel…..You are divinely guided.

The Spirit Guide Drawing is done in pastels. There are many colours to be guided to. Spirit picks the colour of paper and the pastels needed. They let you know how they wish to be presented and when you are finished. Before starting you will feel the excitement and know they are coming close. While drawing you will find that messages are coming through as well. Write what it is you here down to reflect on later. It is a very interesting, fun and spiritually rewarding experience.