Award winning performer Michael C. Anthony (Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Ericksonian Hypnotist from the late Derrick Balmer NLP Canada) has been a full time hypnotist for 22 years. He is the Founder of Stage Hypnosis University which helps professionals and newbies alike build a stage show for profit. 

He is also the best selling author of Body Language Secrets, How to Read Minds by Reading Bodies. He trains professionals to sell, motivate and persuade though non verbal communication.

Michael is a member of the prestigious, worldwide touring group called The Illusionists which is like the real word version of the movie Now You See Me.

He is also a sleight of hand artist, mentalist and loves backgammon.

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9 am – 12 Noon on Friday 
“Hypnosis for stage, street and profit!”

Using hypnosis for public demonstration can transform your practice and your life! In this session you’ll learn the secrets behind putting a demonstration together that is wildly entertaining and remarkably profitable.

You’ll discover:
How to build rapport, confidence and creativity
How to get volunteers
How to induce trance FAST everytime!
How to build your routine from top to bottom
How to get paid… A LOT!

The goal is to help professionals, therapists and newbies alike open multiple streams of income by gaining a skill that proves your expertise as a hypnotist and keeps them coming back for more.

Public demonstrations are entertaining and a side of hypnosis many overlook. Michael will also demonstrate mentalism which doubles as a hypnotic convincer to anyone at any time.


Saturday Evening Stage Show
“The Mentalist”