We are Mr and Mrs Hypnotist.
Beth Bovaird is a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Paul Irving is a certified comedian.

We have a background in show biz that includes writing, directing, acting, radio hosting and stand up comedy. We studied with the Dean of stage hypnotists, our mentor, Jerry Valley. We toured and learned from him, mixing classical training with our far out style. We put the hip back into hypnosis.



Saturday Evening Show

A hypnotic stage show, presented ethically, can drive business to you as a clinical hypnotist. If you are convinced that you are not a performer, we can show you some “show-biz” basics that will give you the confidence to do just that. We will share what we consider to be the “laws” of show business from the perspective of a performer. We draw on our ten years as Mr. and Mrs. Hypnotist and our background in acting, directing, stand-up comedy and radio. We can help you hone a stage personae whether it be yourself or a completely new character. Anything can happen on stage, so why worry? We hope to see you. Cheers! Beth and Paul