Norm Hart is well suited to lead this workshop given his expertise and time spent within the field.

-Distinguished Toastmaster
-Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

-PhD in Adult Education
-DCH Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnosis
-Fundamentals of NLP – NLP Centres Canada Ottawa
-M-NLP Advanced level in NeuroLinguistic Programming, Dr. Will Horton
-Accelerated NeuroLinguistic Practitioner : The Empowerment Partnership at Kona University, Dr. Matthew B. James.
-NGH BCH – Board Certified Hypnotist
-Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists
-Certified Hypnotist with 19 years experience.

Sunday 10 – 10:50 AM NLP Track
Pattern Interrupt & Reframing Your Issues With Colour

In this workshop, the participants will learn and practice how to gauge when and how to use colour as a Pattern Interrupt and Reframing as a clinical resource. This class is an interactive participatory workshop with a minimal amount of lecturing where participants will learn how to make and use colour as a Pattern Interrupt/Reframing as a Clinical Hypnosis skill.

By the end of the session, the participants will have determined what colour(s) their client would like to use; how to use these preferred colour(s), and to know how to help their client change their thinking pattern. Not only will the participants learn and practice new skills; but also, as the K-Tel tv advertisers from the 60’s/70’s would say –“But wait. There’s More!”, they will leave the presentation with a sample Pattern Interrupt kit.