Hermione Rivison, Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth, is a person who listens to you no matter what you have to say. She is a confidential, and an experienced listener, a trained workshop facilitator and a celebrant. Hermione has lived in 6 continents, has had a variety of careers and knows how to seize the day. Hermione has a background of community work, with teacher training, counselling practices, theology and theatre work all contributing to her unique perspective on life.

In New Zealand she worked in schools, and in the community establishing a woman’s refuge before leaving to travel and eventually settle in England for almost fifteen years. There she worked in theatre workshops, storytelling and co-ordinating festivals before coming to Canada and getting married in 2004. She has trained with Coach Training Alliance and began coaching here in 2008. In 2015 she became a celebrant with The Bancroft Centre for Spiritual Awakening. Hermione is active with The Peterborough Storytellers, is a board member for the Kawartha World Issue Centre, has been involved with Jamaican Self Help and is a keen canoeist and gardener.


Saturday 10 – 10:50 AM  Ministry Track
“Creating Your Story for Telling Others”

A workshop to help you tell your story creatively. People love hearing stories so we need to be able to tell our story, especially as self employed people, to tell people why they should become our customers. Do you know your unique story? How do I go about telling it? Creativity is a driving force behind much of our energy. Using poetry, story and music each person creates their story behind their business. I have found this to be a great way of re-inventing the business, energizing it, and enjoying the process.

Each person will have their own story that can be used for advertising, elevator pitch or blog in order to invite customers.

“What makes your presentation unique?”
I am a storyteller and we use creativity to find the story – rather than a formula.