Jacqueline Bowman holds her Bachelors & Masters degrees in Metaphysical Science, along with a Ph.D. in Philosophy (specializing in Transpersonal Counseling). Ordained with the International Metaphysical Ministry & the Metaphysical Ministry of Canada. Jacqueline is also a Live Cell Microscopist and Reiki Master Teacher (Shihan). 

Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Bowman began practicing publicly in 2003. Offering hands on healing, transpersonal counseling, and terrain analysis using Darkfield microscopy. Utilizing natural abilities of intuition and assorted means of energetic and etheric communication, allows her to offer balancing and reconnections to facilitate health. Over the years Jacqueline has taught others to be with Reiki energy, both for others and for their own self mastery, along with offering a series of workshops for empowerment and growth.  

An Island girl originally from the west coast of British Columbia, and self labeled Perpetual Student, Jacqueline began working with others to support them in areas varying from a world of finance and technology, to assisting children with therapeutic horseback riding.

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Saturday 2:15 – 3:05 PM Ministry Track
Consciousness & Physical Health : Darkfield Microscopy.

In 2007 the head caregiver of her chosen team told her she was fine! Get ‘outta here!  That was 7 months after her Cancer diagnosis.  New to her, however encompassing a large part of her diagnostic choices, was Darkfield Microscopy.  Now Jacqueline is able to offer this assessment to others and see also, in person, how our life force and consciousness is represented in our blood, reflecting our whole self state.    Let her share with you, the early days of her current project, looking at the effect of Reiki, at a physical life force level.

Hopefully her story and presentation will create curiosity and inspiration while perhaps introducing you to this practice of viewing our beautiful selves to embark on seeking choices and making changes.