A message from Rev. Lisa Dales: 

“For over 30 years, it has been my distinct honour to work with the Divine Energy that is Spirit. From a young age I had this overwhelming desire to study, learn and gain spiritual understanding. A yearning to touch the deeper recesses of my soul. I studied varied philosophies and religious doctrine, meditation, metaphysical theory, shamanistic and paeanistic practices, and several forms of energy healing in my quest to follow my unique path towards the Divine.

In 2008 I became involved with the spiritualist church and have held several seats on the Board of Directors. In the end of 2009 I suffered a personal tragedy which inspired me to devote my life to the service of others. I became involved with Hospice and in 2013 became ordained as a Metaphysical Minister through the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth.

Currently I serve as a Metaphysical Minister and Life Officiant, Lecturer, Workshop and Meditation Facilitator, teach the Celebration of Life Officiants Course and sit as Vice President with the Metaphysical Ministry of Canada.

I continue to do spiritual readings, practice Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, teach and practice Spiritual Healing. I am completing my studies in Thanatology and am enrolled in the Doctoral Program at the University of Metaphysics. In the future I hope to continue to learn, to teach and to enlighten my soul. ”

Saturday  9 – 9:50 AM : Ministry Introduction
Ministry Track 
Sunday 3:10 PM – 4:00 PM
Continuing The Journey
With Q & A