Mary Alderson (Reverend and a Registered Nurse) owner of A Mary Mystic Muse, is an ordained Minister with The Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth. Church speaker, sacred soloist, Wedding Officiant and Celebrations of Life.

An intuitive/medium that receives messages directly from spirit, whether a loved one, spirit guide or ascended being. Spirit Guide artist using pastels and facilitates classes so anyone can draw their spirit guide. A student of Metaphysics at the University of Sedona. An Aqualead master.

Mary is also a hypnosis practitioner and has helped many with weight loss, smoking cessation, sleep issues, menopausal symptoms, ego boost, past life regression and more (just ask).

Saturday 1:15 – 2:00 PM Ministry Track
“Aqualead: A Healing Modality”

Aqualead is a healing energy and modality, channelled through an Angel called Ariel by Sabine Blais in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Angel Ariel, who oversees the Earth is closely related to the element of water. Aqualead is considered a holistic energy practise and is a natural form of healing. It is focused mainly on healing water in living beings and in the environment. The purpose therefore is to heal the planet and every living organism which includes the human race. If you are already an experienced energy healer practising another modality you will find this a new and exciting challenge as you begin working with Aqualead. If there is enough time, depending on how many attend, an attunement can be done. This is process that opens the student’s chakras and anchor the energy in a persons body. The attunement is permanent and once you have Aqualead, you have it for life.

” What makes your presentation unique?”
This is a relatively new healing modality. Aqualead energy is very powerful, it has a strong cleansing effect as it removes toxins and negative energy imprints from water, living thins and the environment.