Pierre Benoit
PTSD Pre-Conference
Friday 9am – 5pm
Krista Moore
“Manifesting Miracles”
Metaphysical Track
Dr. Yvonne Oswald Pre: Healing Your Inner Child Friday 1:15 – 5:30pm
Sat: How to Read Auras 2:30 – 4pm
Mike Mandel
A Masterclass to Get You to the Next Level in Your Hypnosis Career
Friday 1:15-5:30pm






Kaz Riley Full Day Saturday “Sexual Freedom Hypnosis”
Mike C. Anthony Hypnosis for Stage, Street and Profit
Fri 9am – Noon
Sat. evening programming “The Mentalist”
Karen Paulino Correia 2-Day Workshop
10AM – 5 PM
Soul Entrainment® Training and Certification ~Accessing the Wisdom of the Soul.
Clay Dinger
Camille Louise Jarmusz
Autism Release for Children
Elizabeth Rose
10AM Sunday
Messages From Spirit
Ayse Hogan 2-Day Past Life Regression & Interlife Training Certificate
Mr & Mrs. Hypnotist Saturday Evening Program First Performance on Sat.







Ted Robinson
Full Day EFT Workshop
Peggy Kelly-Davies
Rev. Mary Alderson
Drawing Your Guide
Rev. Tim Jones 4PM Saturday Past Lives
David Huffman
Sat. 1:00 PM
“Hypnosis for ADHD”





Hena Husain
Metaphysical Track
” Connect Your Spirit: Tree Drawing”






Sheila Granger
2-Day Workshop
Hypnosis for Children
Dr. Jaime Feldman
2-Day Workshop
Parts Therapy
Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
2-Day Advanced NLP Certificate




Judith Gilchrist
“Communication at end-of-life”
Mary Alderson
“Aqualead: A Healing Modality”
Janice Chrysler
“Make it Happen….Motivation. Meditation. Manifestation”








Hermione Rivison
” Creating Your Story for Telling Others”