Valentina has devoted the last decade of her life to her academic studies and it really shows. She earned her master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, a bachelor’s degree in metaphysical science, an associates degree in computer programming. She is a certified hypnotherapist and teacher, a Reiki master, anda Karuna Reiki master and teacher. Valentina is certified as avortex divine energy healer. She is a certified shamanic practitioner.

Valentina is also trained and certified in psychic development and teaches classes in reading beans and opening psychic channels. She is trained and certified in spirit communications and telepathy as well.

Further certifiecations include: integrative clinical hypnotherapy and pediatric hypnosis,
past life regression and forensic hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and instant and rapid hypnotic inductions. She is certified as a weight reduction and stop-smoking hypnotist. She is certified in non-verbal hypnotic induction.

Valentina teaches Yoga and Qi Gong as well as Zon Yuang Qi Gong and Organ Regeneration.