Canadian Hypnosis Conference 

October 27, 28, 29, 2017







A New Conference Format



1. NLP Track
Attend all the classes for two days and receive a Basic Introductory Certification.

Dr. Yvonne Oswald PhD, award winning, best-selling author of “Every Word has Power,”

Master NLP Trainer, Dr. Yvonne has gathered 9 speakers to teach you NLP Techniques to use with your clients after the CHC




2. Metaphysical Track

Rev. Tim Jones will conduct the metaphysical track open to those interested in Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Soul Rescue and Energy Release and other alternate techniques, this is the place for you.




3. Stage Track – Full morning all about Stage Hypnosis



4. Miscellaneous Track
Autism Release with Hypnosis
Working with Children
Hypnosis for ADHD
Muscle Testing
TFT and Source Energy Medicine
Power of Music
How to Access you inner Dominatrix
Energetic Facelift
Activate your Dormant Psychic-Intuitive Potential