Ayse Hogan 2-Day Past Life Regression & Interlife Training Certificate

Ayse Hogan
learned that she – like you – has access to a strong and loving support system within herself and in the world beyond the physical realm. Others saw her transformation and were anxious to find out how she did it. Now, she not only shares her own story and methods of healing, but she continues to educate herself in all the many alternative methods available.

Ayse wants everyone on the planet to know they can heal their lives in the most incredible ways, with the help of so many angelic spirits. Her greatest joy is in helping people discover who they really are. Whatever your life challenge, Ayse can help you find your own personal direction and path to fulfilment. Whether your challenge is big or small, she is here to give you direction. Her greatest joy is to help you discover who you really are.



Credentials :
Master Hypnotist Through NGH
Training Certification through Sheila Granger and the associated with General Hypnotherapy Standards Council in the UK
Reiki Master Teacher
Ordained Minister through Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary
Doctor of Philosophy through same seminary
Enhanced Energy Communication Coach and Trainer (using Muscle Testing)
Metaphysical Hypnotist

Ayse has created her very own successful healing technique called T.W.I.S.T. © (Traditional & Wicca Integrated Shamanic Technique).

2-Day Certificate Saturday/Sunday
“Past Life Regression & Interlife Training Certification”

The objective of this Certification Training is to create an understanding of how our past lives can effect our current life by gaining wisdom. This will allow the clients to resolve traumatic past events that they carrying, get a clearer idea of past and purpose, resolve current relationship issues, help to understand fears and/or unlock hidden talents just to name a few.

Most people are told about their past lives by psychic or mediums etc., where I feel that experiential is crucial in understanding oneself. It is difficult to get the true picture of your past life and gain any insight from it if you are only given a snap shot as opposed to actually moving through the significant moments yourself and involving all of your senses and emotions.