Ted Robinson is a Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and is a member of the esteemed Order of Braid for lifetime advancement of hypnosis. He has also been an EFT practitioner and instructor since 1999 at the same time as he became a Hypnotist. He’s been a criminal defense trial attorney for over 40 years and brings his insights into people in the courtroom into the hypnosis office very effectively. He has been presenting at the Guild for 15 years and has the highest student scores each year. He’s also presented EFT and stress reduction at the United Nations.


1 Day Workshop – Sunday
“EFT and Accessing the Super Conscious Mind”

For the first time ever, this workshop brings together EFT, Hypnosis and Presence into one cohesive and comprehensive instructional workshop. We start by teaching Emotional Freedom Technique and then eliminating Resistance to Change. That brings the students into Hypnosis easily and quickly and takes them deeply. We then review and compare Hypnosis and EFT and show how the two techniques work together. We then work to eliminate all of the ego’s “story” and negative issues so the students can experience Presence. We then instruct them on how to utilize it with their clients in their practices.

We teach students how to eliminate all resistance to change, encourage confidence and build trust – all while using EFT.
We teach a new EFT/Hypnotic Induction that will allow students to take their clients straight from EFT into Hypnosis without a formalized induction which results in a natural transition into hypnosis.

We then take students into the deepest levels (the Esdaile) of Hypnosis in order to demonstrate how they can access the Super-Conscious Mind to help them and their clients heal whatever physical and emotional issues they want to resolve.

While in Hypnosis, students will be taken to the deepest levels of the mind (the Esdaile) so they can access and utilize the Super-Conscious Mind to eliminate anything that is holding them back from quieting their mind completely. Once that is accomplished, we then bring students out of Hypnosis and into Presence again, where their minds become still and silent and they can experience a direct connection with the Quantum Field. This can take many forms, but all students report that they have “an experience” of something beyond themselves that is transformative in nature and they realize they will never be the same again. This is an intense process that is condensed into one day.

By using these seemingly diverse techniques together, hypnotists will learn how to bring their clients into hypnosis more easily and guide them to the deepest levels,which then leads them to be able to guide their clients into Presence easily as well – which is the ultimate state of mind.


Ted Robinson has been teaching EFT for the last seventeen years and has successfully presented at the NGH Summer Institute and Convention for the last 14 years and at HypnoThoughts for the last two years. He maintains the Center for Inner Healing and is also an Interfaith Minister as well as a criminal defense trial attorney (for 42 years). He is a member of the Order of Braid at the NGH and is a Board Certified Hypnotist with the NGH. He is also a certified Hypnotist with Omni Hypnosis. He has studied and taught Presence for over 20 years.

He has written and published five (5) books incorporating EFT and authored and produced 10 DVDs and 5 Hypnosis CDs. He shoots a weekly Cable access show entitled “Learning to Live in the Present Moment” on Long Island, N.Y. for more than seven years and has lectured at the United Nations on EFT. He has taught EFT internationally and been well received. He has used EFT to prepare witnesses to testify in serious criminal cases on a number of occasions successfully.